Simple easy organic chocolate coffee mug

This smooth and warming mocha 'muggin' is the simplest and tastiest sugar free winter treat!

Ah winter! That magical time of year when you hide underneath a mountain of blankets and pretend that salad and moving don’t really matter. And that you’ll start the diet on Monday. What a magical season it is!

What’s a muggin, you ask? Only the easiest, tastiest and most underrated dessert ever! It’s a muffin in a mug. Kinda like a mug cake, but with a catchier name. 

Try this delicious and easy mocha muggin recipe, ready in under 3 minutes! It’s the perfect way to get a warming chocolate fix on chilly nights without going overboard on the sweet stuff.  

Serves: 1



  1. Dissolve instant coffee in a mug with 50ml of hot water
  2. Stir in flour and drinking chocolate to coffee mix
  3. Gradually stir in baking powder, salt, oil, sweetener, vanilla and milk to the mix
  4. Microwave for 1 minute and 10 seconds or until cake has formed. Let the cake cool for 2 minutes.
  5. Dust with cinnamon and dig in!


*For a caffeine-free version (ideal for evening desserts) use Republica Organic's Instant Decaf instead!

Feel free to substitute our choices of flour, oil, milk and sweetener with your own!


We served our Mocha Muggin with Over the Moo’s vegan ‘Vanilla Bean Missing You’ Ice cream, it was positively scrumptious…