Subscription FAQ

Simply head to the product page you'd like to order, then select 'subscription' and choose how frequently you’d like it delivered based on what’s most convenient for you. You will then checkout normally and receive an email with instructions on how to manage your subscription.

All of them! We offer subscribe and save across our full range of Beans, Ground, Nespresso* Pods * instant coffee.

From time-to-time we may have limited edition offers which will not be available to subscribe to.

No problem, you can make changes at anytime via your Republica Organic Online Accont. Login via the menu ''Áccount', or click here to login, then select Manage Subscriptions or click here after you are logged in.

Yes, you will receive an email notification 3 days prior to the next processing date. This contains a link to login to your account incase you wish to make changes. It is important you make any changes prior to the day your order will be processed, as our super speedy fulfilment team pack orders every day.

  • You will save 10% off every order (up to 25% if you buy large pack sizes)
  • You get free delivery on orders over $45
  • Never run out of coffee again, a subscription makes getting great coffee easy
  • Flexibility - you can pause, skip, change products or cancel at anytime

Your coffee will be delivered via Australia Post or a courier. You will receive tracking email notifications when your coffee is dispatched, due to be delivered that day and when it's been delivered. For Metro areas, you can expect to receive your coffee 2-4 days after processing (Sydney Metro is typically 2 days), for regional areas please allow usual shipping times for 4 - 7 days.

Shipping FAQ

Orders are shipped daily, with same day dispatch for orders received by 12pm. Orders received after this time will be dispatched the following business day. Most customers in metro areas will received their order within 2-5 business days, and other customers will receive their order within 3-11 business days. You will receive a tracking link once your order has been dispatched. We use a range of transport partners, so shipping times may vary slightly

Yes! We offer free shipping for all orders over $45. 

We currently only ship to Australia from this store.

To our US friends, get your República Organic from Amazon.

You will receive an email letting you know your coffee is on the way. This email will include a tracking link for the transport provider.

Your coffee will be delivered in unbranded, eco-friendly packaging that ensures your coffee is well secured. Keep an eye out for custom República packaging in the future!


All República's coffee products are the loving results of sourcing beans that are grown, roasted & packaged using only organically certified methods. We are certified by ACO (Australian Certified Organic) and Fairtrade.

Approx. amounts of caffeine in a standard-size cup of coffee:

Decaf: ~4.5mg caffeine per 1.5g (one teaspoon)
Instant Coffee: ~40mg per 1.5g (one teaspoon)
Pods: ~60mg caffeine per pod
Regular Beans: ~63mg caffeine per 30mL espresso extraction

Multiple factors that affect the caffeine content of our coffee beans, from the genetics of the beans themselves, the conditions they were grown in, how long they were roasted and at what temperature, what coffee brewing method was used, the length of the extraction time, the temperature of the hot water being used to extract the caffeine in the infusion, and the list goes on!

The best place to store our beans is in an air-tight container, away from direct sunlight. It's also best to avoid putting the beans or ground coffee in the fridge as the coffee will absorb the smells of other foods. We recommend that all beans & ground coffee products are consumed within 4 weeks from opening the bag to maintain freshness for your personal enjoy

Yes, our coffee is Australian Certified Organic.

Instant Coffee FAQ

Our coffee is decaffeinated using components in CO2 - the air we breathe! We have opted for this method as it’s the most organic and natural, and also allows the beans to retain their great aroma and taste. Since the entire process is completed using just water & C02, it is completely natural and poses no risk to your health!

Due to the lack of harsh chemical use, there will be a slight trace of caffeine in our decaffeinated instant coffee but we can safely guarantee that it is 99.7% caffeine free. To work out how much is in a particular serving, multiply 0.003 by the serving size. For example, in a 1.5g serving, there will be approximately 4.5mg of caffeine - that's even less than chocolate making this coffee perfect for anytime of the day (or night)!

Our Organic Instant Coffee Range is freeze-dried, which is a completely natural and chemical-free process. What's freeze-drying, you ask? It's a process that involves grinding the coffee beans then dissolving them in water to concentrate the coffee solution. The coffee extract is then frozen and ground to granule size. These granules are then dried at a low temperature, which is gradually increased in a vacuum system to leave us with our instant coffe

Yes, they are recyclable. The jars themselves are made from glass, and the material from the lids is PP polypropylene and this material alone is recyclable. The exception is the foam disk inside the lid is made out of paper with aluminum and PE foam as per food regulations, however you can pull out the disk, dispose of it as normal waste, then recycle the lid. 

Our 100% pure coffee products are gluten free according to Codex Alimentarius (gluten ≤ 20 ppm) referring to the dry product as sold. No gluten containing lines are currently produced on the equipment. 

Coffee Pods FAQ

Our coffee pods/capsules are compatible with all DeLonghi, Breville, Sunbeam and Nespresso® machines including the following models: Le Cube, Essenza, Citiz, Pixie, Lattissima, U, Maestria & Inissia pod/capsule coffee machines.

Our coffee pods have been specifically designed for use with the Nespresso® system so it will not damage your machine. The pods are made of flexible yielding material which is guaranteed to never melt in your machine during the extraction process.

Our coffee pods are made with compostable materials. This means that once you've enjoyed your coffee, you can simply remove the lid and place the empty capsules in your council green organics bin or your regular waste bin where the pods will biodegrade at an accelerated rate. We are continually looking into technological advances to find the most environmentally friendly solution that delivers exception coffee performance.

Yes! These pouches are home compostable. Simply pop them in your home compost bin, the council organics bin or your regular waste bin where the pouches will biodegrade in landfill at an accelerated rate

Yes! We extensively tested the pods and they absolutely perform as well as (if not better than some) aluminium pods.

We use the Mountain Water Decaffeination Process. Using a patented process & water from the snow capped Pico de Orizaba mountain, the coffee beans are naturally decaffeinated (no ethyl acetate i.e. the stuff in nail polish remover - like most other decafs around). The result - chemical free coffee that retains its rich taste and aroma.


We use the Mountain Water Decaffeination Process. Using a patented process & water from the snow capped Pico de Orizaba mountain, the coffee beans are naturally decaffeinated (no ethyl acetate i.e. the stuff in nail polish remover - like most other decafs around). The result - chemical free coffee that retains its rich taste and aroma.

Yes. Please email us at for more information. Please include how many kg you would like to order per month and where your cafe is located.

Since the unfortunate shutdown of Red Cycle, these bags will need to go into your regular bin. We are actively working on a solution to be able to recycle these bags.

coffee in workplaces faq

We'd love to come to work with you! Please contact us at and tell us:

  • What product you would like
  • How much you would need per month
  • Where you are located

Orders will need to be placed via our online store and paid via credit card.

You will automatically receive a Tax Invoice via email after you order

Yes, for smaller workplaces that are not eligible for further discounts, we recommend you make the most of our 10% Subscribe & Save offer as we as the discounts on large pack sizes to save up 25%!