Founder, Jacqueline Arias

100% Organic Coffee Company Founder: Jacqueline Arias

In 2005 I took my husband and two kids back to my birth country of Colombia where some of the best coffee on the planet is grown. I was excited to show them my childhood hometown!


Yet during the holiday, we were treated to terribly bad tasting coffee. I realised that the beautiful coffee grown on the lush high altitude mountains of Colombia were being shipped overseas and manufactured into instant coffee by multinationals like Nestle, then shipped back to Colombia and sold to the locals at hugely inflated prices!

I was appalled that the farmers had no understanding of how good their coffees were or how high their prized coffee beans we being commanded in countries like back home in Australia.

Seeing the farmers being treated unfairly was an epiphany for me that changed the course of my life! After returning to Australia I promptly resigned from the ABC (I was a busy journalist there for 10 years) and set out to create an ethical company that ensured Third World coffee farmers were guaranteed a fair deal whilst not compromising on taste.

And so the Journey of República Organic was born….

As the Founder and Director of República Organic I'm a huge advocate for all things ethical in Life. 'Ethics with Impact' is my daily mission.

Your questions, comments, and feedback are not only welcomed but encouraged! We have an 'open door' policy so call me, email me or join our newsletter and blog. Stay in Touch! Our Mantra at República Organic is not only my business but also my life journey and one I'm extremely proud of. I'm also a busy wife, mother, mentor, entrepreneur, and loyal friend to those dear to me.

Make your food choices delicious and ethical. 

-  Jacqueline Arias.