Our Philosophy


‘Ethics with Impact’ are at the very core of our philosophy. We have created a range of products that delivers wonderful flavours, aromas and delicious tastes and exceptional quality whilst never compromising on our ethical stance.

República is 100% Superior Taste

We only source the finest produce from around the world resulting in the most delicious tasting coffee, drinking chocolate and raw superfoods in Australia!

República is 100% Organic

We use coffee, cocoa beans and superfoods that are grown naturally and without any pesticides, so our customers, the farmers & our planet are protected.

República is 100% Australian Company

República was created in Sydney, we bring all our produce to Australia where it's packed. We are proud to support the Australian economy.


República is 100% Ethical & Fair

We pay a fair price to the Third World farmers who grow our produce so they can afford basics like education & health care. We’re big believers in fair pay for a day's work.

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