9 Signs You’re Totally Addicted to Coffee

9 Signs You’re Totally Addicted to Coffee

We’d like to preface this blog by saying that there’s nothing wrong with a coffee addiction. It’s like being addicted to rainbows or kindness. However if you’re thinking you may be addicted to coffee, but you’re not quite sure, here are a few signs you may well not be able to function without your cup(s) of República coffee...


  1. You have to budget for it

When you list out your expenditure for the week and coffee has its own column in your spreadsheet, you’re well and truly done for. What better way to spend your money though? On liquid happiness? 


  1. You don’t understand people who don’t know the difference between good coffee and bad coffee

If you’ve ever been totally bewildered as you watch someone glug down service station sludge coffee, you’re definitely a member of the coffee lovers elite. French press single origin anyone?


  1. You frequently burn your tongue because you just can’t wait long enough for it too cool down

 When you love coffee like it’s your one true soul mate, you just can’t wait for that first embrace. Time is of the essence. 


  1. You panic when you travel overseas because you don’t know what the coffee situation will be like

 If you’ve ever tried to stash República coffee beans in your luggage on a trip to the US, you know what we’re talking about. You’re also fully aware that you’d have no troubles on a trip to Italy or Indonesia (land of Java!).


  1. It’s an any-time-of-day beverage for you

Amateur coffee drinkers will stop at midday but you? You’ll take an espresso to bed like it’s a cup of chamomile tea. Whether it be decaf or regular caff. #hardcore 


  1. You love anything coffee flavoured

Chocolate flavoured coffee beans, coffee gelato, espresso martinis. You just hear the word coffee and you’re like ‘where do I sign up?’


  1. You love anyone who brings you coffee

Literally anyone. Ever had an encounter with someone you’re meeting for the first time and they bring you a coffee just in case you wanted one? And you’re like ‘thank you. Is it too soon to ask if you want to move in with me?’. FYI – coffee makes an AWESOME gift.


  1. You lie about how many cups of coffee you have in an average day

You’re adamant that you only have two cups a day but you don’t count the ones you make at home or the ones that other people buy for you. Or the ones no one sees you drink. Or the ones you didn’t enjoy as much as you thought you would. 


  1. You’re drinking coffee while you’re reading this

Or you’re on your way to get a coffee. Or you’ve just finished a coffee and you’re trying to get back into work before you get another coffee.

If not, are you feeling OK?


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