How to deal with the overwhelm of parenting?

How to deal with the overwhelm of parenting?

How to deal with the overwhelm of parenting?

Parenting while managing work and household responsibilities can be overwhelming. Some days feel worse than others and you may find yourself counting down until bedtime. There are some strategies you can use to help get you through the hard days and navigate these challenges.

Here are some strategies to help you manage feeling overwhelmed:

  1. Figure out what the priorities are for the day – Whether you write down your priorities daily or weekly to help you focus on what actually needs to get done in both parenting and your work can help you feel less overwhelmed. Writing down what you realistically can get done each day can help you feel a sense of achievement when you are able to tick things off your list. Giving yourself unreasonable expectations on what you can actually get done in the day can add to you feeling overwhelmed.
  2. Create a schedule – Writing down a weekly or monthly schedule will help bring some routine to your days. Therefore, giving you and your family a sense of structure and predictability.
  3. Set Boundaries – Setting boundaries between your personal and professional life is essential in reducing your stress and burning out. It can be so hard to set boundaries, however it can be as simple as setting an email ‘out of office’ or putting your phone into do not disturb while you are with your family. This can help you to feel more present with your family and help you enjoy those little moments together.
  4. Delegate tasks - As with setting boundaries, try to delegate tasks at both home and work. This could be asking your friends, partner or family for help around the house or passing work off to colleagues. Delegating will help you share the workload and feel less overwhelmed.
  5. Look after yourself – Looking after yourself both physically and emotionally is essential in helping you enjoy the day and reduce your stress. Make sure that you get enough sleep, eat a healthy well-balanced diet and drink enough water. Make sure that you take time to do something for you that you enjoy doing. Reducing your alcohol intake can also help to reduce stress and anxiety.
  6. Reduce your caffeine intake, especially in the evenings. Try to cut down to one or two caffeinated coffees a day and replace any subsequent cups with the Republica Organic Decaf Range. The Republica Organic Pods are available nationally at Coles Supermarkets and honestly give the creamiest, most perfect coffee every single time. But the best part is that they are organic, so you know there are no nasties added in.
  7. Lean on friends or family – Your friends and family are the best people to lean on for emotional support. When you feel overwhelmed, chatting with a friend, family member or professional can help you. Sometimes just talking and having someone listen can reduce the feeling of overwhelm and stress.
  8. Learn to say 'no' – Remember there is nothing wrong with saying no and respecting your boundaries. It can be so hard, especially if you feel like you’re letting people down. But remember, overcommitting can lead to you burning out so don’t ever feel bad for putting yourself and your mental health first.

Remember, being a parent is hard, being a parent and working is hard, being a parent while working and managing the household is HARD! Don’t ever feel bad for taking time for yourself or asking for help when you need it. Utilising these strategies and trying to create some stability and predictability in your day can help you navigate the challenges.

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Written by Lauren Brenton

Endorsed Midwife

One Mama Midwife Pty Ltd

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