Which TV Show Turned You Into A Coffee Addict?

Which TV Show Turned You Into A Coffee Addict?

Coffee Addict

Its almost impossible to watch a TV show or film without somehow being slightly influenced by it. The Rachel Cut from Friends and the Chuck Bass Man Scarf from Gossip Girl are solid proof that what we watch is more than just entertainment. Its also inspiration.  

If you're a coffee lover, have you ever thought about how your favourite TV shows might be subtly nudging you towards a greater coffee addiction? Here are a few shows that may be to blame for your caffeine hunger


Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe are just about the biggest caffeine addicts to ever hit the small screen. One mega fan called Kit Lovelace watched the whole series and counted each and every cup the Friends drank throughout the entire show. There was a total of 1,154 cups consumed in total with Phoebe being the most prolific coffee drinker and Rachel drinking the least amount of coffee. A true friends fan may argue that Rachel had a slight disadvantage as she worked at Central Perk in the first season, thus lessening her opportunities to drink coffee but well let that one slide.

Gilmore Girls 

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, the fast-talking mother/daughter duo of Stars Hollow. Those two need coffee like its oxygen. Fun fact: Alexis Bledel, the actress who played Rory, hated coffee so much that every time you see her drinking coffee’ its actually cola. Disappointing right? Lauren Graham, the actress behind Lorelai drank the real stuff. Legend. 


It would be extremely difficult to grow up watching Seinfeld without developing a taste for coffee. Half the show is set at Monks Cafe where the gang meet for coffee, big salads and muffin tops. Interestingly, did you know that Monks Cafe is really called Toms Restaurant? Only the exterior of the cafe is shown on screen and in real life its located on the corner of West 112th Street and Broadway, near Columbia University. The interior of Monks is actually a set. So, dont go wandering into Toms in New York and expect to see the inside of Monks because in reality, it looks totally different.


Many a teenage romance blossomed over coffee at the Peach Pit and a slice of Nats peach pie on the side. Despite the fact that this show was based around high school kids, there seemed to be an awful lot of coffee drinking going on. It would be pretty easy to develop a coffee addiction in the 90s if Luke Perry was buying it for you. 

Pretty Little Liars  

Spencer Hastings cannot survive without several cups of coffee per day. Perhaps watching her chug back gallons of the good stuff gave you hope that you could achieve as much as she does in a day. Fuelled by coffee, Spencer can write an award-winning essay, go to hockey practice, hang out with her boyfriend, get locked in a cupboard by A’ for a few hours, escape and then make it home in time for dinner. Girl makes coffee look good. 

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