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5 Coffee Superpowers To Help You Slay 2022

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We all know that starting your day with a delicious cup of coffee makes you feel good, but did you know that there are actually real, science-y superpowers that coffee gives you?

Ok so before you chug a latte and try pick up a car, we don’t mean super super strength - sorry. But did you know that caffeine is used by many professional athletes as a healthy and safe way to boost performance? And what’s a great source of caffeine you say? Coffee. So if you have to do anything physically exerting like moving house, manual labour, or bargain hunting in the new years sales, coffee can help you push yourself just a little bit harder. Or if you do have to pick up a car… then I guess having a coffee first can’t hurt

Caffeine increases the activity of acetylcholine in your body - that's one of the chemicals that helps send messages around your brain. This has been proven to improve long term memory, so your daily coffee habit could not only be making you smarter, but it could also help you win arguments that haven’t even happened yet! Forgive, but never forget.

A review published in 2012 also demonstrated some super convincing evidence that caffeine improves focus. The one downside is that more coffee doesn’t = more super-brainy powers. One cup is enough to boost focus, then after that you’re free to switch to a delicious Republica Organic decaf, or become a home scientist and test how much caffeine it really takes to make work less boring.

Well it’s kind of the whole vibe of drinking coffee, not the actual coffee itself that boosts your creativity. White noise and background stimulants can boost your ability to do creative work - so the hustle bustle of a cafe, or just taking a moment to sit outside with your coffee really can lead you to your next genius creative breakthrough. Pretty cool - just the act of going out to grab a cappuccino is beneficial. I wonder if this means all my coffees are tax deductible…

When we think of coffee we normally think about the energy boost of caffeine, so it’s chill out factor isn’t really that well known. Coffee is rich in the molecule kahweol, as well as cafestol oils which are potent anti-inflammatories. It’s been shown that regular coffee drinking helps protect the brain from oxidative stress and other damage caused by inflammation. This is great news for anyone who’s ever paid $9 for a bitter turmeric latte. If you like them then sure go ahead, but we promise your regular latte will help you stress less too. Tip! Use a french press to brew your coffee, it’s the best way to retain and extract these healing oils from your favourite blend.

I know we just said that coffee helps you chill, but you can be chill and energetic at the same time - it’s called having it all. This is probably coffee's most well known super power, caffeine gives you energy. Or well, kind of… Coffee doesn’t actually give you energy like food does in the form of kilojoules, but rather it tricks your brain into thinking it has energy. Caffeine helps block the neurotransmitter adenosine, which is known as a ‘quieter’. Basically it’s the part of your brain that makes you want to lie down on the couch and binge watch TV. Now I don’t know about you but I reckon I have a LOT of adenosine, so if coffee can help me quiet the little voice that says “just one more episode” then I better go put the kettle on STAT.

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