5 of the Healthiest Ways to Drink Coffee

5 of the Healthiest Ways to Drink Coffee

Sometimes coffee pops up in health discussions and people can be confused about whether or not coffee is a good thing. Is coffee good for you? Bad for you? Is it the caffeine? Does quantity matter?

The truth is, coffee is one of the only substances that humans can self regulate. Sometimes we have issues with stopping ourselves from having an extra biscuit or another pint of beer at the pub but the ‘correct’ amount of coffee you consume is generally how much you consume. If you feel like another one you’ll have it and if you don’t you won’t. There are obviously some exceptions to this rule but generally speaking, how much coffee you’re having is how much your body wants/needs.Our bodies are clever aren’t they? 

However what you add coffee can be a health killer like cream, sugar or syrup. The way we drink coffee is very cultural so we found 5 of the best ways to drink coffee for your health around the globe...

1. Drink it smooth and black like they do in Norway

A Nordic coffee is full bodied and almost always served black, without sugar. It’s steeped over an open flame and they’re not fans of filtering coffee as this process eliminates coffee oils that give that smooth feel and taste in the mouth. Skipping the cream and sugar is a good health choice to copy. 

2. Drink it for celebrations like they do in Iceland 

Coffee is consumed in celebratory times in Iceland and often accompanies social occasions. In the early 20th century it was thought if you drank your coffee with sugar and cream you had to put the sugar in before the cream otherwise you wouldn’t get married for 7 years. Superstitions aside, it’s probably best to cut down on sugar and cream in coffee anyway. 

3. Pop a shot of whiskey in it like they do in Ireland 

The Irish were the first people known to add alcohol to their coffee and there are some pretty great health benefits to doing this. Whiskey has been shown to aid in weight loss, it can boost good cholesterol and can strengthen the immune system. Best keep Irish coffee for the evenings though... Starting your day with a whiskey espresso may not result in a very productive work day.

4. Drink it for cosy purposes like they do in Denmark

The word ‘hygge’ in Denmark means ‘coziness’ and it represents the feeling you get when things are lovely, warm and relaxing. There’s such a thing as coffee-hygge in Denmark and it’s the practice of meeting for coffee, a chat and perhaps a treat with a mate for the specific of purpose of feeling cosy. What a lovely way to enjoy coffee!

5. Be fussy like they are in Australia

There’s a reason why chain coffee stores don’t do very well in Australia and that's because Australian’s would rather not drink coffee at all than drink bad coffee. Most Australian’s have around 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day and lattes are the popular order at most cafes! 

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