5 Reasons Why Coffee Is Your Boss

5 Reasons Why Coffee Is Your Boss

Coffee lovers are rather passionate about their beverage of choice. That’s kind of the reason why there are so many coffee memes and quotes that pop up all over the place on social media. Most people can either relate to being (or knowing!) the type of person who stumbles into work, grabs a cup of coffee, retreats to their office and then emerges 20 minutes later as a complete human again. Such is the power of coffee.

At what stage does it start to take over you life though?

If you’re wondering if coffee is your boss, here are few signs that it might be.

1. You don’t trust people who don’t drink coffee

 When you take the office coffee orders and ask what everyone wants and Sally from finance says ‘Nothing! I don’t drink coffee!’ and you just stare at her bewildered and wonder what magical substance she’s on that’s making her be upright and talking at the same time. You nod in acknowledgement but you know Sally will never be your people.

2. Speaking coherently before your first morning cup is setting the bar way too high

 You try hard to hide it but your sentence-putting-together skills live inside the magical coffee bean. It’s best not to speak to anyone at all until you’ve had your morning fix. You can’t be held responsible for the things you said before coffee.

3. You have a coffee budget that rivals your basic living expenses

You don’t collect sneakers, handbags or Star Wars figurines. You won’t spend hundreds of dollars to go to a concert when you can listen to your favourite music at home for free. You won’t shell out for a fancy dinner but when it comes to coffee you spare no expense. The very best of coffee beans, designer coffee filters, scientific coffee making apparatus - no expense spared for your love of coffee.

4. You go in to full on panic mode if you run out of coffee

You wake up in the morning, shove your hand in the box of coffee pods and the darn thing is empty. You grab the box, desperately turn it upside down hoping for one last lone pod for your beloved morning elixir. No matter how hard you try, you can’t make a coffee pod appear and it’s the saddest you’ve been in a really long time. Note to self: Bulk order coffee pods. Stat.

5. Coffee is pretty much the only reason why you get out of bed in the morning

Bed is a really awesome place to be so why leave it unless you really have to? Oh that’s right. Coffee isn’t in the bed. You need to get OUT of the bed to get the coffee. Totally worth it. Coffee beats bed always. You can’t take your bed to work with but you can take COFFEE to work. See? Coffee never lets you down.

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