How To Order Coffee in 5 Different Countries

How To Order Coffee in 5 Different Countries

Its a reoccurring nightmare for nomadic coffee drinkers - being in a foreign country and not being able to order coffee. The quality of the coffee will always be a game of chance (especially when you can't get your hands on República coffee...) but even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee. And without the correct tools how will you even be able to order the thing that closely resembles a flat white when youre outside of Australia?  

Have no fear - weve popped together a little guide for ordering coffee in 5 different countries.  

1. France 

If you want an espresso with a dash of milk you want une noisettewhich is basically a macchiato.  

Cafe creme will get you a milky coffee but a French cappuccino might not be what you were after. Theyre waterier than their Italian counter parts and might not be the creamy coffee hit you were expecting. 

Depending on which part of France youre in, a waiter might scoff at you for ordering coffee with a meal. Coffee is drunk separately from meals in France but the good news is they drink wine with meals instead.  

2. Japan  

In Japan, coffee is called kōhiiand if you simply want a coffee with milk you can say kōhii gyūnyū and youll get a pretty normal cup of coffee.  

Having said that though, if youre in Japan, make the most of it and order all their weird and wonderful coffee based beverages. You can actually buy hot cans of coffee from vending machines in Japan. How cool is that? Be careful with any pre-mixed coffee in Japan though - theyre often full of sugar so just beware if youre trying to avoid that.  

3. China 

Coffee with milk in China is kāfēi niúnǎi and you can even order a cappuccino by saying kǎbùqínuò. If youre travelling through China it shouldnt be too difficult to get the usual coffee suspects with most cafes making Americanos, mochas, cappuccinos, espressos and machiatios.  

4. Thailand 

Thailand is very tourist friendly so getting coffee there isnt too difficult. For hot coffee you say ga-fae ron for cold coffee you say ga-fae yen 

You should also try a traditional Thai iced coffee while youre there. Theyre spectacular. Again if youre trying to be heath conscious, maybe avoid them. They generally come with a very heavy serving of whipped cream and sugar but they truly are an amazing treat.  

5. Italy 

Dont try to order a cappuccino after lunch - they only do milky coffees in the morning in Italy. Coffee in Italy is very simple - a cappuccino is cappuccino and if you want an espresso you just say un caffe. Coffee is also quite medicinal in Italy - you dont tend to sit around for hours like we do in Australia. Its a quick a sip standing at a counter and youre off!  

Bonus: USA  

As far language is concerned, American English will do quite nicely in the US but they have a whole different language of coffee. Most places wont know what a flat white is but they are getting better at it. At most diners, having cream in your coffee in the done thing and they mostly drink filter coffee but many cafes are getting on board with espresso and artisan coffee. Dont be too hard on our American buddies either - full cream milk in Australia confuses them immensely, which is fair enough. It sounds like its a bottle of full cream which is weird because we generally dont have cream in our coffee.  


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