How To Hold Your Coffee Cup Because You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

How To Hold Your Coffee Cup Because You’re Probably Doing It Wrong


How To Hold Your Coffee Cup Because You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

Have you ever really thought about the way you hold your coffee cup? Unlikely. You probably spend most mornings trying to get coffee into your body as soon as humanly possible. If that’s the case then the way in which you hold your mug is likely to be pretty low on your list of priorities in that moment.  We all know that tea drinking is linked with some very strict and complicated etiquette. For example sticking your pinky out while drinking tea is commonly thought to be fancy but it’s actually quite rude and is a sign of elitism. If you drink tea with your pinky sticking out you’re pretty much saying that you think you’re better than everyone you’re drinking tea with. Yikes! 

But what about coffee? Myka Meier of Beaumont Etiquette says the correct way to hold your coffee mug is like this. “Loop your index finger into the handle and keep your thumb on top of the handle. Your remaining three fingers — middle, index and pinkie — are tucked into the palm of your hand.”

Correct Way To Hold Your Coffee Cup -

This means that wrapping your hands around your steaming hot mug of coffee on a chilly winter day isn’t the done thing. Just quietly we don’t care much about that - a hot cup of coffee is like a mini-personal heater so clutch away, friends. República says yes to the coffee clutch. 

Incorrect Way To Hold Your Coffee Cup  

But who cares?

The handle should also remain at the 3 o’clock position at all times so if you’re wearing lipstick, the lipstick stain stays in the one spot rather than marking the whole ring of your cup. This also prevents your own lipstick from getting smeared all over your face so this etiquette tip has some extra hidden benefits.  When stirring milk or sugar into your coffee, never stir around in circles. Correct etiquette days to stir up and down in a straight line, from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock. 

Leaving your spoon in your coffee cup is also considered uncouth, it should be placed on a saucer on the table... Or the work kitchen dishwasher. It should never be left on a table or kitchen counter.  And for those of you that love a Tim Tam Slam, unfortunately dunking of any kind of biscuits or sweet treats does not meet the coffee drinking etiquette standards. Bummer. At least you won’t have to go fishing around the bottom of your mug for the soggy second half your Scotch Finger biscuit.

Etiquette is fun to know and interesting to think about, but short of loudly slurping your coffee and annoying your dining companions, we think just about anything goes when it comes to drinking coffee... Including dunking biscuits.


So, now you know how to hold your cup - it' time to fill it with coffee! Check out Republica's Zero Waste, Big Taste® range here.

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