5 Smart Phone Apps for Coffee Addicts

5 Smart Phone Apps for Coffee Addicts

If you fancy yourself a bit of a coffee connoisseur, this is exactly the right place for you. Whether you want to improve your at-home brew skills or create the perfect cafe ambiance in your own lounge room, there’s an app that can help you. These are our favourite coffee apps that will help you get the most out of your República Organic ground coffee, beans and capsules. 

1. Filtru 

This is an amazing app that helps you brew coffee perfectly at home. It doesn’t matter if you use a coffee machine, French press or stove top maker, they have the best advice to help you become a top notch at-home coffee brewer. It tells you exactly when to pour, sit and wait to get the best flavour with the coffee and maker you have. 

2. Sup Coffee Timer 

This is a neat little app that uses precise timers to help you brew a perfect filter coffee. You just have to choose your preferred brewing method, how many cups you’re making and simply follow the brew timer. Easy-peasy. It will even tell you how much coffee you need right down to the last gram.

3. Coffitivity 

Cafe coffees are expensive and takeaway cups create waste, so many of us tend to avoid buying them, but what happens if you just love the sound and atmosphere of cafes when you’re working? But you just can’t justify spending $5 every hour you’re sitting at a cafe? Coffitivity is a genius app that creates a cafe atmosphere for you. The creators went to actual cafes and recorded different busy, bustling sounds. You can listen to Morning Murmur, Lunchtime Lounge and if you upgrade you can listen to Paris Paradise and Brazil Bistro. Perfect if you prefer to brew your own República Organic coffee at home but you love the white noise of other people around you. 

4. Formula Bartender Training 

This app is technically for hospitality professionals but it has an excellent coffee brewing module with videos on how to make coffee like a professional barista. It teaches you everything from grinding, tamping, measuring and putting finishing touches on all the classic coffee styles from lattes to cappuccinos. It also has some top notch on advice on troubleshooting your coffee making skills so you know where (and when!) you’re going wrong. 

5. Coffee Tracker 

 We never think there’s such a thing as too much coffee BUT if you’re finding yourself a bit wired from your post-dinner espresso you might want to give this app a go. It fills this test tube with a representation of all the caffeine that you’ve had throughout the day and shows a guestimation of how much is lingering in your blood stream. So if you want more caffeine, have more, if you want less, cut down!

Tip: If you can’t give up your evening cup of joe (we know that we sure can't) give the República Organic instant decaf a go - all the deliciousness of regular coffee without the caffeine! 

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