Climate Change

Climate Change

Confession, I care about our environment. I care about our parks, our beaches, I care about the air that we breathe. And so for the past few weeks, I’ve been eager to hear what could be achieved at the United Nations Paris Talks , where  the world’s most powerful men, together with 140 world leaders and 500 city majors representing 500 cities, got together to talk climate change. 

Add to that 70, 000+ people who marched just over a week ago in Melbourne and Sydney to support action on climate change, surely that’s a loud cry in favour of taking our environment seriously. 

I don’t understand the science behind climate change, in fact I know very little about it. But one thing I do know with 100% certainty, that is, that our weather is changing. Growing up in Sydney I remember long hot dry summers with 35+ degree day after day. That rarely happens now, in fact more often than not you could go from 40 degrees down to 20 degrees in a day. 

Or equally experience 35 degrees in the middle of winter, like we did in Sydney this year.  

Something is not right. 

That’s the reason I led Republica to become the 1st Carbon Neutral Certified Food brand in Australia in 2012, and invited the Australian Government to be our certifying body.  


climate change

Image: ABC Loretta Florance 

For those of us who are parents, we like to instil in our children to be honest and have integrity, to-do the right thing, when we the parent aren’t looking. That’s the philosophy by which I lead  Republica, so in addition to being Carbon Neutral, we’re also Organic Certified and Fairtrade Certified, because ultimately I believe in doing the right thing, for people and planet, when no-one is looking. It’s something I’m very proud of. 

It’s a mission that’s supported by all the team behind Republica, we’re committed to making a difference and leave the planet and it's people in a better place, we like to say, when you believe in something get-behind-it and do-your-bit to make a difference.   

Perhaps the most poignant heart-stopping moment at the Paris Talks came when the Foreign Minister of the tiny Marshall Islands, Tony de Brum, spoke loud and clear for the desperate need for climate change action because some of the islands are already under water, “Put simply, I refuse to go home from Paris without being able to look at my grandchildren in the eye and say I have a good deal for you’. 

Hearing his words via the TV, I can’t stop asking myself, ‘am I doing the best I can at home, in my work, in my community? Are you doing your best? 

Believe in Better. People Planet. 

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